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I know Nolan often works closely with his (incredibly talented) family, he produces with his wife and writes with his brother. Do they all work together like a close family, and does that extend to the rest of the set / production? Or are they all very professional? What's the tone like on the set, and what's they dynamic with his collaborators?

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I saw "In and Of Itself" live, and each piece of your show was so complex I can't imagine pulling it off every night for months on end. But you also must have had full control of every element, beyond what we could tell as your audience.

So what was more stressful, going into each night of your one man show, or going into a high stakes card game?

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When did you decide to begin writing your memoir? What made you want to put your story into words, and did your motivations or situations change in the process of completing the book?