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notsafeforh0me69 karma

Hey Erika i love what you do! As someone who got raped, a lot of porn scares me a bit. Sadly i cannot afford your work, but saw some previews via Zoë ligon a long time ago.

Well to make this a question: is there free or cheap content avaliable for people who are down on their luck like me?

notsafeforh0me41 karma

Thank you! I forgot you had one for a while, but honestly stopped watching porn because of my ptsd, i will check it out and i'd love to support your work! :) have a nice day!

notsafeforh0me15 karma

Do you have any tips for a 22 year old woman, who can’t come? I often almost get there, and then it disappears... i have anxiety disorder but when i’m relaxed it just doesn’t really get there, i’ve used the magic wand, womaniser pro etc... my current partner also doesn’t really often want to please me, and when i use a vibrator i’m afraid family in the house can hear me, i do sometimes get tingles all over my body, but people tell me i should ‘know’ that i came and i’m not sure if that is it?