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notredamelawl15 karma

I'm sensing a bubble. Ads for what? Surely people aren't buying $100,000 worth of products/services based on ads on this guy's videos.

notredamelawl6 karma

What kind of hearing? I looked you up and I don't see any charges filed for gambling operations...

And you wouldn't get cut lose because a cop doesn't show up for your initial appearance.

notredamelawl2 karma

I would have like to have found my dismissal papers from the courts but i cant find them for the life of me.

I am calling bullshit on this guy's story. I have access to everything, and I looked him up. I can't disclose anything, but I can tell you what ISN'T there, and it's that he ever had a case for gambling like he says he did, and he didn't spend time in jail for that.