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Hey, awesome AMA! I have twin daughters, and one of them has a left hand similar to your right hand. Here's a pic.

My girls turned 7 last January so they'll be starting second grade this week. We've always called it her "lucky hand" kind of like Nemo's lucky fin in Finding Nemo. Like you, it has never slowed her down or stopped her from doing anything. She's completely fearless and not self conscious at all. In Kindergarten and first grade she stood up on the first day of class and showed everyone her hand so that way all the kids could satisfy their curiosity without having to stare and whisper throughout the school year. I was so proud of her when she told me about it, it was totally her idea to do that.

Do you have any tips I could pass along to her about how to deal with other kids? At this age it's not really a big deal for her, but I imagine that might change as she gets a bit older - middle school and high school especially.

Any suggestions for me as her father? Is there anything you wish your parents had done (or not done)?

Are you left handed? If yes do you think that's a result of your right hand being the way it is? My daughter is right-handed but I sometimes wonder if she would have been left-handed otherwise - when she was a baby she picked things up with her left hand first but quickly realized she had a stronger grip and more dexterity with the right hand.

Edit - I'll just post this here, I'd like to reply to everyone individually but I'm at work right now: Thanks to everyone who responded to my post, and most importantly thanks to Thespianna for the AMA! I really appreciate the kind words and I know my daughter will too. You guys and girls are awesome!

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Wow, that was great. Just spent the last few minutes watching Mandy sing random songs on Letterman. So talented.

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You reported this guy for hate speech? You reported him?? Jfc dude. Hypocrisy much?

Because you're a fucking moron and won't be satisfied until you're dead?

--Mantisbog, today, right here in this thread

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Says the guy who's clearly never ridden a motorcycle. Christ man, can't you find something else to do today other than hate on people?