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What does Daisy like most about her job and what do you appreciate most in her?

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Sounds like the two of you make a great team!

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My brother started displaying symptoms in his early 20's, they were seizures with loss-awareness that often lasted a few minutes and left him unconscious for a while and then "off" for a couple of hours.

Once the doctors found that his seizures were focal (which came as a surprise, as they really looked like tonic-clonic to the untrained eye) and resistant to several medication combinations and dosages, he was scheduled for surgery. The surgery (in 2010) removed a tiny part of his brain that manifested inflammatory tissue or scar tissue. It must have been quite close to the prefontal cortex if I remember correctly, but they agreed to surgery as the tissue appeared to be well defined and rather on the surface.

Long story short: He recovered fine, struggled with short-term memory loss for quite some time post-surgery, never had a seizure again (just killer headaches).

Now to my questions: His neurology department was really interested in his case and had him become part of a study, monitored tons of things and were just generally very excited to have him there. As far as I understand his case must have been "rare" or "specific" for them to act this way.

Can you eplain to me what might have been different about his case?

Bonus question: One of the hypotheses why his symptoms started showing so "late" in life was a delayed onset caused by his regular cannabis use starting as an early teen. Is that possible at all?

Thanks for the fantastic work you're doing!

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Thanks for taking the time to reply, however. And keep up the good work!