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dude that sucks. i'm sorry that happened to you. your story doesn't quite add up (not bc of what you said, more like it's a medical mystery). do you still make urine? did anyone say if there is a chance that your kidneys recover? did you get a kidney biopsy to make sure it's not something other than hypertensive nephropathy? kind of weird for a 30 year old white male to fry their kidneys just from high blood pressure, especially if you've had no other previous symptoms. are there plans to use something other than that vascath for dialysis?

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That is so weird! Shame that the biopsy wasn't more revealing. I hope your treatment goes well and the transplant comes soon. I am a doctor but my speciality is not in kidneys.

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Hi Pradeep, I am in the middle of starting my first healthcare IT company. As it stands, it is an application that, when integrated with an EMR, aims to provides patients in the hospital with better and more consistent updates regarding their care. I am a physician by training and sometimes I feel over my head. Anything you wish you would have known when you started doing the work you do?