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I always wonder about things like this..Like saving up 5k at a minimum wage job has to take an absolute ton of time. Say you make 600$ every 2 weeks, it would take you 3-4 months to save up for a 5k trip. But in a real world you have to pay for rent, utilities, medical, phone, insurance, and groceries so it would basically take a full year (assuming you never went out, never bought equipment for your hobbies, and biked/walked everywhere). You would basically be sacrificing 99% of your time, for one trip...

It reminds me of when notre dame burned down and i started to see all my facebook friends posting photos from when they traveled there when they were 25 and i was wondering how the heck they can afford 1500$ flights +ammenities when you are in college. I make ~100k and i could probably swing a trip, but still the 3-4K cost of the trip would make a serious dent in my wallet.

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I had a top secret clearance and got to follow one of the presidents around (way before twitter) and knowing how much of the presidents day is dictated and all the things he wasn't allowed to do really makes me wonder...

How does the Presidential twitter account work? Like surely a drunk tweet could start ww3 so i am guessing each tweet has to be ran through a few people (speech writer for consistency, maybe someone from secret service)?

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best movie ever....did you know there was like 4 other ST movies? I didn't, but a friend gifted me a complete set last year (and tbh i haven't watched the other 4 yet)

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If you know how the white house works, you know that there is no way in *** any President could fire off tweets without it going through the machine. Since social media has become such a big thing, my guess would be that each president is assigned a small team.