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Here on Reddit there's a sub-reddit called "Explain like I'm Five".

I am curious whether you'd be able to articulate to me how government stimulus is supposed to help get us out of economic problems (and/or why austerity is a bad idea)?

Of course, with the assumption that i am a five year old.

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Since this is the house that kn0thing built, let me ask a tech entrepreneurial questions.

  1. I just found out yesterday about the changes your administration has proposed for tax rates on C-Corps (dropping the rates to 28%). Why isn't anybody talking about this? I feel like this is something that you'd want to make sure to get across to folks in the entrepreneurial world!

  2. Does the democratic party know how much distrust it's sown through the SOPA/PIPA efforts? I'm a staunch liberal, and made sure to call my congress critters over this issue. Despite the extents to which your administration has done on awesome tech issues, SOPA/PIPA hit a really sour note for folks like me.

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I'm laughing, but the funny laughing stopped around the time your post went from Hyperbole & A Half to H.P. Lovecraft.

All that is left is the laughter of horror.

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What was your experience like working at Mozilla? What were some of the things did you accomplish there that you thought were particularly important?

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Steve Yegge of Google accidentally posted a rant about how Google needed to move to a service oriented architecture, that ensured that Google's services could be repurposed/remixed and scaled w/o serious human invention, the way that Amazon.com's self-service platforms function.

The question i ask myself on a regular basis (as i am an Open Data and transparency geek) is why government (aside from the CIA) have not moved to make a similar adaptation.

How can Congress help push for such an shift? I want a platform/service oriented government, that will allow me to query for data relevant to my life as a citizen.