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What are some features that did not make it for 1.0 but you are excited for in the future?

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How comfortable are you with career mode balance? Do you think you'll do a lot of further tweaking of balance and progression in future versions?

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The aerodynamics and wind shadow mechanics look very impressive on KSPTV! Did the existence of community aerodynamics mods assist with that work or did you design and write it all from scratch?

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What is your model for how people use transit and how they choose their destinations? Will you try to model each person individually or use statistical modeling on populations, etc.?

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My understanding is that the state passed a law intended to make 100% of cost overruns of the viaduct replacement project the responsibility of the City of Seattle. Is that accurate? If so, is that typical for state projects? It seems like we may be facing dire cost overruns even if there are no further unforeseen problems; which government will be responsible for them if the contractor successfully avoids legal responsibility?