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Well, that wasn't a no.

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You should blank out those email addresses.

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OP commented elsewhere that is sort of an answer to your question:

As I mentioned below, there is no way to insure that the score that you buy or the bureau that you use is that one that a lender will use. The 75 point differences is an issue with the system. The score that you pulled from Equifax may not be the score that the bank ultimately uses.

Incidentally, we moved to Vantage 3.0 as part of the roll out. This is the score that TransUnion and Equifax use directly on their sites. But that still won't solve the problem since it is always up to the bank.

OP also mentions that there isn't a single FICO score either. They can vary depending on the bureau that the lender gets their data from. So even if CK gave you a FICO score, it could be different from the score that a lender gets.

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Sooo....what's it like there when a Google service goes down? How much freaking out is done?

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live ball python

Did it survive? What did you do with it?