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this is a really cool thing!! but how do you get around existing pay structures — eg, any online media source has contracts with the brands/ads they're hosting, saying that the existence of the article implies a certain potential for profit for the brand — plus subscription costs to even access some articles, like NYT or WSJ. so how has this app circumvented all that??

like, how is it possible to just say "we are not going to let you make any ad revenue on this click, but we're sending % of our own profits to the author of the article!" which is an awesome thing, and would definitely make the internet a better place for readers, but i just don't understand how that is actually possible!

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serious question, why not just spend that $900 on your loans???

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what are the odds that we'll see some kind of widespread debt forgiveness in the US? it's a wishful conversation, but is there any possibility that student loans would be diminished — perhaps because of covid, or to offset the cruel & predatory nature of student loans?
i ask because part of me wants to throw a bunch of my savings into my loans just to get that number down. but also, is that even a good decision???

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facebook wants to make ad revenue. this app removes all potential for ad revenue.