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You can say homeschooled. It's ok.

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I think his point is that the law should be overturned and they don't want to find ways to comply, but to get it removed.

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This is so true. And so discouraging. Nothing as bad as this, but I was recently pulled over because my passenger took off her seatbelt for a few seconds to get something from her purse. Long story short, I was arrested and charged with a dwi (I blew a .01 in his vehicle). Long story short, he drove me all around town, me in the front seat, coming on to me, and even pulled me into a dark parking lot, uncuffed me, gave me a cigarette, and started talking to me about hookers he's hired, and suggesting I go into the bathroom with him. He also ran off the road, like completely in the grass, twice because he was showing me pictures of himself on his cell phone. The lost goes on and on. He pulled me over at 10:58 pm, I got to jail at 1:40 am.

After talking to several attorneys, I was advised not to file a complaint until after my dwi hearing because: he technically didn't do anything illegal, it will be his peers investigating him, and it will just piss him off and make him lie and exaggerate on my "drunkeness" at my dwi hearing. Oh, and turns out, this is his thing. He's been sued for it before and it's known amongst all the criminal attorneys and cops in town that he likes blondes and deliberately picks them up and falsely charges them with dwi's.

It's pretty disheartening that officers can often do stuff like this or be abusive, and get away with it.

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I’ve experienced help from the Red Cross first hand after hurricane Florence and they were increadible. It actually makes me mad to hear you say this based on a fucked up situation in Haiti that literally everyone is accused of doing wrong in. They were everywhere after Florence, knocking on doors, scouring neighborhoods with food water and supplies, hugging people who were standing in the rubble of the life possessions. They wouldn’t let anyone deny help because “others have it worse”. I didn’t see any other aid doing what they did.