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In the 1980s there was some poor information put out by the MSM (UK Daily mail obviously) surrounding links to HV and cancer.

A lot of that was taken on board by people my parent's age and remembered as fact even though the science has disproven it time and again.

It's almost impossible to argue, I've shown my mother the papers and explained them, as I work within electrical engineering. She doesn't believe me and thinks we should avoid being near oversailing HV lines, because it's "not worth the risk".

Amusingly because she couldn't see it, she had no issue with my childhood house being next to a substantial sub station.

Basically there is so much misinformation out there and it preys on people's lack of comprehension, I'm not sure how we win.

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A cursory glance would suggest it's not true.



Edit: additionally the spectrum used in 5g has been used for year in other areas so those 3 used bands have their own independent reports carried out and passed too.

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Is this because it lacks penetration and thus needs more antennae/base stations?

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Yup, first past the post is undemocratic, we had a chance to change it and we blew it!