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With regard to this topic, are there any anonymous media sources in Egypt or the Middle East in general that you would consider at least fairly reliable? Websites, twitter accounts, Reddit subs, etc...?

It seems that printing the truth might become even more dangerous.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

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So there was a lot of talk during the midterms about a migrant caravan careening into the US that just evaporated after the elections. It has made me a little suspect of the goings on at the border. Are we really experiencing a "crisis" at the border right now? Worse than say, it normally is or has been in the past?

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Because it isn't a crisis.

The "arrests" are apparently of asylum seekers and are being done for show specifically to inflate the statistics.

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I would guess that Al Jazeera would need sourced articles instead of just do-gooders trying to tell the truth as they see it.

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;-) Just because YOU call it a crisis doesn't make it a crisis