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My wife miscarried in January, during 2nd trimester. We were faced with the decision of what to do with the child's remains. The hospital was willing to dispose of the remains as medical waste but we were not OK with that. We didn't know what to do, though. So we asked the church. My wife is a lifelong Catholic. We attend mass in the Ft. Worth (TX) diocese. We asked a monk who is a family friend. He didn't know. We asked her uncle, a deacon, what to do and he had no idea. He connected us with a charity that supports women during pregnancy but we were told that our issue wasn't something they dealt with. We asked our church but no one could give us any direction. Were we supposed to have a funeral? Were we supposed to have last rites or any other sacrament? We don't know. We still don't know.

So were given the remains of the child in what was essentially a nice shoe box. I buried my dead son in a hole I dug in my backyard. I sang him a song and prayed the Our Father. That was it.

So why did the church, who campaigns so hard for sanctity of life, hang us out to dry when we needed help with the death of our child?

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Thanks for your answer. I'd appreciate your prayers, thank you. One more question, if you're up for it. Is what I did enough? Did I do right?

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Thank you

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Who are your favorite writers and/or illustrators?