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investing in higher education and freeing millions of Americans from debt will have tremendous benefits for the real economy

While I totally agree with this in principle, paying people's student loan debt isn't investing in education. Paying for education that people have yet to receive, or lowering tuition, would be investing in education.

Paying off existing debt does two things. 1) It removes default risk from the loans, which benefits the banks. 2) It gets people out of debt. While that's fine, there are more equitable ways of getting people out of debt than paying off their student loans. You could, for example, give people money if their incomes are low, even if they don't have student loans.

I guess my point is that this plan seems more like a way to sway a specific portion of the voter population, and less like a way of actually educating more Americans or fixing the problem of skyrocketing tuition.

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Who pays you for this service?

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Back to the home, grandpa.

I'm happy fark still exists. But I have no idea why anyone would still use it

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Are you the left Leifert or the right Leifert?