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What's going to prevent a publisher from claiming the article would have made them $1 on ads but you are only paying them $0.50 and so you are stealing their revenue without permission?

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Which itself is a huge red flag in OP's comment. Virus can't reproduce outside the host. No matter what. So seeming to say it can't reproduce on the surface of products makes it sound like they aren't well informed.

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Click bait titles can still cause a reader to end up reading an article and realizing in the end that it was a crap article. So how exactly do you disincentivise click bait titles?

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What techniques did you use to reduce your anxiety? I'm hoping I can learn from you.

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Thanks for your answer and I'm glad it helped you. What did you use to learn how to do mindfulness thru meditation? There are so many different interpretations that it's overwhelming to me.