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As someone who was in my base honor guard, thank you for what you do. After your tour with the old guard, do you think you will visit other honor guard units and teach them some of the things you know? Or instil in them the reverence that you may have?

Not sure how the army is, but I'm in the air force so things might be slightly different. We had someone come to my base that had the honor of being in the DC honor guard for the air force, he really helped out! Thanks for what you do brother.

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How nervous were you on your first ceremony? I remember mine, I was super nervous.

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Thanks for your answers! Best of luck to you in your career! I know you have done plenty by now I am sure. I saw something about how the sadness fades with each passing ceremony, but in place of sadness I think honor and compassion grow. I remember my time as a member in my base honor guard very fondly, many friends were made, but I just feel such a sense of duty after it. Thanks for doing what you do even if it wasn't a choice at the start, I am sure you will look back on the memories with great sense of fondness.