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prop 13 = rent control for homeowners

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Its not.

Adderall me is a paranoid narcissist that can't be reasoned with.

That was one of the big reasons I stopped taking it.

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holy shit that's bad

If I got an unexpected email with no body and only an attachment, it would get forwarded to my security group. I don't care if it's legit or not, such an email would run afoul of our policies because it is completely indistinguishable from a spear phishing email.

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I was a little surprised to see that the Long Valley Caldera is classified as a "very high threat" volcano, higher than any of the other volcanoes in the immediate vicinity, especially Mammoth. My understanding has been that the potential for a future eruption from Long Valley is exceptionally low and that Mammoth is far more likely to erupt (hence the volcano escape route from Mammoth Lakes). What about Long Valley makes it so dangerous as to earn its threat designation?

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And this is why we need to universally ban companies from using unrelated arrests or convictions to deny employment. California already banned it, now the rest of the nation needs to follow.