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If you could write/direct your own Batman film (theoretically unlimited budget/ total creative control):

  • Would you adapt one of your own stories (Cacophony or The Widening Gyre)? If not, from which source material would you draw inspiration?

  • How would you handle the tone of the film in relation to previous film/TV adaptations?

  • Who would you cast?

p.s. - please post the second half of the Fat Man on Batman Diedrich Bader interview! That guy was fucking interesting!

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Some of my favorite moments from the MST3K host segments involved your majestic singing voice (My personal favorite was Tom Servo's tribute to Canada). What was your favorite musical moment from the show?

edit: first AMA I caught early enough to ask a question...and I got skipped :(

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Thanks for answering! Since you don't have any interest in writing/directing one, is there any particular writer/director whose take on Batman you would like to see?

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Hi Marc! Big fan of the podcast, and I caught the episode of Maron on IFC’s website and really enjoyed it! I constantly find myself turning off the TV, internet and video games in favor of your podcast, which is no small feat for a young person of the “millennial” generation like me.

Anyway, my question is probably one that you get a lot, but I imagine a lot of people here are wondering the same.

Any chance you will ever have Jerry Seinfeld and/or Larry David on WTF? They would obviously fit in well with the veritable pantheon of comic legends you have already had on the show.

Also, are there any other comics/entertainers you’ve wanted to come on the show but have declined?

PS- Your recent Fresh Air interview was amazing- Teri Gross seemed to be totally geeking out over you! That’s so meta…