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Have you ever encountered any prisoners who seemed genuinely repentant, and were actually respectful to you or other guards? Hollywood depictions of prison make it seem incredibly dangerous, and as if all prisoners are gang-affiliated monsters who will never achieve any degree of rehabilitation. Also, thanks for doing the AMA, don't see many corrections officers on here.

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That is pretty amazing, thanks for the response!

This makes me wonder if, perhaps, popular media has conditioned us to be unduly harsh towards ex-cons (no-hiring of former felons, lack of voting rights post-conviction in the US), I never would have imagined them being decent or even joking with COs. Also, I always thought that guards were forced to be really gruff and never at all friendly with prisoners in order to maintain the sense of absolute authority and control.

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I have another question that I've always wondered too.

As a corrections officer, are you assigned to work, say, a specific cell block every shift, or do you rotate between the towers, mess hall, cell blocks, etc?

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Wow, so have you ever had any major equipment malfunctions during an event, like lights or set structures falling down, curtains getting stuck, etc? Ever had actors or performers get injured during a show?

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Hopefully this hasn't already been asked, but how are the trucks actually routed? Like here in the city I always wondered if one truck was assigned to, say, 12th street and just drove north-to-south making pickups for the entire length of the city.