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Did you have any interactions with the prisoners of the 2009 riots?

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Expat iranian here. I know you are a progressive guy so you are more than qualified in my view. However, i am confused as to why you even bother campaigning because iran is a dictatorship that gives the illusion of democracy. Very much like Stalin.No one gets ahead unless theyve kissed the ring of the ayatollah. I mean Mousavi wouldnt be under house arrest right now if iran was free and democratic. So what is your point even though you know the ayatollah will laugh at you even thinking about running? Another question is what do you think is going to happen with the nuclear program? I get sick to my stomach every time i read the news. The loads of propaganda is hard to take in. It is obvious that israel really wants war. America is more in the middle. Sad part is people have bought the propaganda. Very upsetting since iran would only want a nuke to become a power since it is a resource rich country that doesnt bend over for the west. Them getting a nuke would stop them from becoming Iraq. I want to know what you think is going to happen or how do you thinm khamenei is going to go about this issue? Regards.

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easier said than done.