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Complex II is key in keeping the batteries of our skin topped up and providing sufficient bioenergy to slow down the effects of ageing on our skin

Can you translate this into science?

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Are the wolves you work with the offspring of wolves bred by fur farms? I've been told wolves that could breed in fur farm conditions were the more social individuals and successive breeding led to animals more social than the wild counterparts.

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I hate fur farms. I only mean that a lot of captive wolves and wolfdogs these days have ancestors that originated in fur farms at some time in the past.

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Has your tolerance gone up since starting kratom or are you getting the same results from the same dose as you started with?

There is massive anecdotal evidence that kratom is addictive. That doesn't mean it's not useful for chronic pain but are you aware that there is a physical dependency involved and that if you chose to quit you will experience painful withdrawal?

Just because something is addictive doesn't mean it should be regulated. I believe every human being has the absolute right to do whatever they want to do to themselves as long as it doesn't harm others. I wouldn't make any substance illegal if I were in charge. It degrades human dignity and never works to stop drug addiction anyway.

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What do you believe regular people can do to help fight disinformation and censorship on the internet?

It's starting to seem as if waiting for the system to self-regulate or trying to fix the system from within are not going to solve to the current problems. What actions on the part of citizens do you advocate?