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Is David Attenborough as wonderful a person in real life like he is in on Television?

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Thank you very much for your lovely reply. This made me so happy. I regularly watch Planet Earth series and David Attenborough hosted series before I fall asleep to remind me the Earth is a place of wonder and mysteries that we can continually explore.

No one has made so happy and appreciative of life on this fragile Planet Earth as David Attenborough and his wonderful crew.

There are millions of people all over this planet that love and appreciate your efforts. Please pass on my good wishes to you and everyone on your wonderful team. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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The Selfish Gene is by far and away the best most readable book you have ever written. Simple Elegant and Beautiful.

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Do you have a favourite wolf?

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So ... how will you spend your $20 profit from the movie?

I suggest on Pineapple Pizza.

Because r/knightsofpineapple have excellent taste in food, music, television and movies.

Their palate is finely refined between the sweet, bitter, crunchy and soft, tangy and zany.