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Do you feel like you've got a good grasp of your illness? My wife has EDS and a laundry list of illnesses associated with it. Her experiences with doctors has been a mixed bag, with doctors doing contradictory things all the time. I honestly can't keep up with it all.

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It took about 3 weeks for me to talk comfortably again after my UPPP. Everyone told me I sounded the same but it seemed to me that it changed the pitch of my voice within my own head.

I used to be an avid singer. I don't have the same vocal range as I used to. It hurts to hit the higher notes now.

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My low end was unaffected. My palate was stiffened with a laser and I assume yours was as well?

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I started in nuclear power. I moved to a coal plant and after 4 years on coal we did a biomass (wood) conversion.

Is the same thing happening in AU? What's the state of your energy production?

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Did your mom have lymph related problems? If so, does a portion of your work deal with manual lymph drainage?

I've been thinking about taking classes in order to treat my wife's condition. There is a lack of anyone performing lymph drainage where I live.