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Because it has already been decided and this is not up for debate or public opinion anymore.

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A professional is obviously going to expose you to the expensive good ones. Just like how a PC gamer is going to recommend that you build a $4k rig. If all you play is Minecraft then you can make do with a $700 off the shelf PC. The same for vacuums - unless you generate a lot of dirt/dust/dander/mite etc. you will be just fine with a reasonably good <$500 vacuum. I am barely at home most of the time and my place is mostly spotless and dust free. I don't see the need to invest in a $1k vacuum. I use a basic Roomba that cleans everyday and keeps it fresh. I would recommend a robot vacuum if your cleaning needs are mostly just superficial and basic. For deep cleaning etc. I would say pay some $ to get it professionally cleaned every 3-6 months instead of spending $1k on a vacuum that may or may not serve your purpose or see consistent use.

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Has there ever been a study on implicit bias when it comes to dating and relationships? Specifically, apps like Tinder and OkCupid. I remember an extensive data analysis by OkCupid on race and preferences across genders and geographies which I found fascinating but it was pure/raw data analysis rather than a social science analysis.

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Thank you. I see tech companies funding research on social science for discrimination studies (including implicit bias). There is so much money and resources put in within tech companies to make them an EEO with almost no results. The work you do is extremely important and unique that might actually help achieve results.