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I'm sure its hard to get out and see thing. But even coming from an affluent town in the US (certainly not the richest, but a lot of money), the kids that never got out and were really sheltered, have struggled since leaving the nest. Its important to see other perspectives and see how other people live. It will just make you an overall more well rounded, more respected person. I would recommend it if you ever get the chance

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So what are your hobbies?

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Suck-y about the soccer team :/ would the narcolepsy affect your ability to play at all? Although I guess its kind of a non-issue now.

The video editing sounds awesome!! I'm not very creative so people who can do artsy things blow my mind away. That could also be a really cool career path in your future.

Stick with your Spanish though! I'm in college now and my adviser is always trying to get me to take Spanish courses. Some companies will offer HUGE salaries to people who are fluent.

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I'm majoring in animal science and one of my proffesors mentioned today that the swine industry is in a major slump because feed is so expensive. Something along the lines of every pig sold looses the farm 15$. He said something about soy beans in South America having bad harvests. Is he full of BS or is this true? I feel like sometimes he just makes things up and nows my chance to find out!