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did you ever read The Baron In The Trees by Italo Calvino?

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This is not true, showering after sex does NOTHING to reduce your risk of stds. It really saddens me that moderators allow this type of misinformation on here, it is really dangerous. If you want to know how to avoid getting HIV or STDs seek answers from a medical professional not someone with 420 on the end of their screen name. I do sympathize with your situation but spreading this type of misinformation is wrong.

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I can't speak for the OP but only from my experience. They are shamans, it is a ritual, it is a ceremony. And instead of payment selling it is really reciprocation. These countries are very poor and any money or help is appreciated and should be done out of a sense of balance --'I'm taking and using their skills and therefore am going to give them money or service'. This idea is true in many spiritual disciplines, giving and receiving. The shamans are not "making a living" on this. They would be doing this whether this retreat center was there or not. This particular ceremony would be out of my price range but of course it is developed for people, mostly westerners, who want security and comfort, which does cost a lot of money in a jungle. But through these retreat centers of this kind they can reach more people and give the benefit of ayahuasca to people, many of whom are westerners who will then spread the word to other westerners who actually are in a better position to save the amazon rain forest. These people want the rain forest saved because of all the medicines it contains. And enlightening westerners to the many benefits that lay in the Amazon is a great way to do this.

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Yes Hello, thank you for doing this, I actually have enjoyed your blog before this AMA. I am planning to set out in June and am trying to save as much as I can now. I'm unfamiliar with being a "digital nomad" as I don't know anything about that stuff (People my age didn't even have email at University) I do want to create a travel blog and would like to make money as I'm traveling so I can keep going (not necessarily from the blog). What would you recommend be the first steps into digital nomadism for someone like me who is not as savvy in these areas.

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or free at health clinics and gay bars :)