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How important are photos on your LinkedIn profile? I don't have one. A few folks I know tell me how important they actually are to have.

And if they are important, does it need to be suit and tie? Casual (but work appropriate)? Anything showing personality?

I'm not actively looking for a new job, but I enjoy keeping my profile up to date in case any opportunities present themselves.

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Just saw this AMA. I've been fascinated by space and astronomy since I was a wee tot. I'm in the IT field and never really pursued astronomy seriously as I was never encouraged to do so by my family growing up. My question is this:

I have a 3 year old daughter who absolutely loves space, stars, and astronomy. She badly wants a telescope and will probably get one some time in 2016 when she's a little more coordinated. What else can I do to encourage her and keep her enthusiastic about space and the sciences? Certain books aimed at pre-schoolers? Activities in PA (ie aware of any kid-centric activities at Pitt/PSU/etc)?

Thanks for your time!

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I did the same thing! But my question still stands and I asked it anyhow because I am genuinely curious. I actually typed it out addressed to Mark because I didn't fully read. That's what happens when I forget my coffee I guess.

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So I'm a huge Giants fan and Mark's story truly is inspirational. One thing I've often wondered about a prognosis such as yours and Mark's is how your emotional well being affects things? I've had relatives die from cancer. They were older and basically gave up when the prognosis came (pancreatic). I get the quality of life vs length of life thing. But how do you maintain that outlook in the face of what you know has a good chance of coming? My wife is a counselor and nurse, so I am naturally fascinated by the emotional impacts on physical health and healing. I totally understand if it's not a question you're comfortable answering.

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While I don't have scoliosis, I have had multiple back surgeries and am pretty sure I'm stuck with some chronic pain due to various back issues. Most recently, I had a L4-L5-S1 fusion in 2011. While I am still active (basketball, running, etc) and managed my first half marathon -- albeit a crappy 2h 20m pace -- I fear my flexibility, particularly my hips and hamstrings, is slowly getting worse.

Do you happen to have any insights in to any quick routines for flexibility? I do yoga / foundation training but my life is so busy that even 15 minutes of stretching seems to be pushing it right now let alone the 30-60 minutes that I think I truly need.