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You might should talk to him or the publishers privately?

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Thanks! It's been great fun working on. It still gets played at least three or four times a day.

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It's a similar absolute. Never is "I always don't do this".

Someone I know says "I never fail Mission 1 as a spy". So. I tend to take him on Mission 1 if I'm a rebel. If he's good, he'll pass it. If he's a spy, he'll pass it, and we get a point anyway.

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Avalon is the same basic game as Resistance, but it adds more roles, that give certain players more information. Add a whole lot more intrigue.

See: http://www.reddit.com/r/boardgames/comments/19v662/game_of_the_week_the_resistance/c8rkol5

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A question from a friend who doesn't want to sign up for reddit:

You're from Oklahoma. So are several of my favorite Resistance players [some from your hometown even]. What is it about the state of Oklahoma that makes people so drawn to games of lies and deception?