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I don't at all believe in UBI because once everyone starts getting basic income, inflation is increased by that much and that money won't buy the same amount of resources.

Secondly, as a society is it healthy to encourage dependency on govt? Why would any earning member want to feed unemployables?

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Can you recommend how can a engineer be updated with the latest trends in system design and architecture? What sources should he subscribe for getting latest news?

Secondly, you can see various success stories on the net, but how can I find some examples of failures?

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Hello Mr Singh, as I understand, the Quantum behaviours do not change unless they are observed, however on observation there is a chance if contamination and randomness...

How can this paradoxical situation be solved?

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Many thanks for the reply.. But then how do the current Quantum computers function? Do they use inert operations to observe the results?

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Millionaire, billionaires should do all the hard work, take all the risk and the give it away for free so that politicians can win elections and live a comfortable life.

Sounds like a communist paradise