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Man I miss Seattle Circuit! It's been my favorite course since the S class test with the GT40 and one if not more of the endurance races. I would use it to test all my cars out. It took me forever to get the hang of that turn by the pit entrance.

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I accidently haggled a guy down to ~$450 for a full size mattress, non-matching box spring, and collapsible metal frame. I think the mattress alone was supposed to be $800-$900.

I walked in and told him I'd like a full size, but would settle for a twin size for no more than $500. I had a little more than $600 in savings, and needed to leave a little bit in case of an emergency. He kept trying to get me to spend more than $1000, but I told him I literally didn't have it, and I'd have to go somewhere else. I think the whole ordeal took less than an hour.

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Hickory what?! Smoked what?!

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Yes, and it's bigger.