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Hi Mr. Congressman!

  • What are your thoughts about farm subsidies and the impact the industrial food chain has on health?

  • What about farm subsidies and the flood of cheap corn from the US to Mexico?

  • Are there any members of Congress that you differ with ideologically but that you are able to work with, or that you have a deep professional or personal respect for?

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yet newer edit: If Reddit so pleases, the first point can be "what do you think about farm subsidies" for the purposes of a sweet sweet video response. To elaborate on the second point, I am curious what you think about the interaction between farm subsidies, the subsequent flood of massively cheap corn into Mexico (via NAFTA), and the possible/probable action on increasing illegal/undocumented immigration into the US. I have heard it discussed, and I am inclined to believe, that NAFTA allows the US to flood Mexico with subsidized corn that is so cheap it becomes cheaper to buy subsidized American corn than to grow it locally, thereby shattering local supply chains and forcing farmers to go elsewhere for work. That "elsewhere" often is the US. The exchange then becomes cheap American corn into Mexico and cheap Mexican labor into the US. It may seem overly attenuated, but could corporate-welfare-style farm subsidies be a cornerstone of America's struggle with illegal immigration?

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Oh man. I am from Boston and just spent a few days in Seattle. They really are so nice. And they really can't drive.

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Julila Biddulph. I like this game.