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Is this a loaded question? Since when did HK have "true self governance"? Also HKers did not attack the police. They were trying to defend themselves.

Not a loaded question. I am a Chinese American who was born in China(was 5 during 6/4). I don't have a favorable view of CCP. I shouldn't say attack more like "clash".

I didn't know about HKPF is infiltraed by the PAP which would exactly explain a lot. In the US most protesters welcome the police. Specially when there are counter protesters. The police is there to keep the peace.

LegCo and Carrie Lam is the puppet of CCP yes. But if the end goal is to close the income gap and addresslack of affordable life essentials, like cheap housing, that is something the current government can actually address efficiently. But I don't think that is a formal demand yet.

I wish HK could keep its system but I just don't see 1 country 2 policies lasting for more than 50 years. Sadly, most western countries won't help either because it would be interfering with another countries' internal affairs.

p.s. when you have a leader for life, they don't have much incentive to change.

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