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How do we find other people (or groups) doing things like Epstein was? What warning signs did we as citizens miss, and how can we identify this sort of activity in our own universes?

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What would be the endgame of the operation from an intelligence perspective? I get blackmailing rich people for money, but what would an intelligence agency have to gain from such a risky seeming operation?

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If there is an incentive for people to turn their plastic back in, they won't throw them in rivers.

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They probably would though. The officer's boss would reach out and request that the reporter leave certain info out of a story until such and such a time. It happens all the time.

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That's 200 officers who are confirmed to be so racist and so stupid and so brazen as to go onto facebook and proclaim this fact. There are plenty of others who are better at hiding it.

Why didn't they investigate doctors and lawyers? Don't be silly. You don't investigate lawyers and doctors when you want to find out about police officers.