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How long does it cost to get licensed? And how much? How long did it take before you landed working on a commercial airline?

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Any funny stories you want to share?

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Holy hell. Our commission is flat rate per box and 12% per accessory. If we sell no pull thrus we get zero commission. You guys hiring in California?

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I'm guessing you're a direct agent? I work for an indirect Verizon store and our commission is shit now. Are you guys required to hit a certain pull-thru product quota each month or your commission gets cut?

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Hi Terry!

You're great. You've inspire me to be a better person and challenge myself out my comfort zone. How do you stay so motivated? I'm always giving my friends advice and helping them stay motivated but I have trouble keeping myself inspired.

Also a question about fitness. I used to weight 100lbs now I'm 155lbs. I'm 5'7 and ideally I want to get to 170-175lbs. Tips for getting pass this last hump?