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But what if one of their parents is German and the other is Scottish & Irish.. Where would one deport to?

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Hearing your post right here makes me more willing to adopt if I can never conceive. I have PCOS and its very hard for women to get pregnant (and keep the baby) with it and adopting has always been in the back of my mind if we couldn't. How old were you when you were adopted if you mind me asking?

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Chocolate covered coffee beans are delicious btw..

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We have cookouts all over jacksonville, nc! Their food is so delicious!

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As a Radiation Therapist, it makes me so happy to hear when patients get the clear of cancer! I get to see my patients in the most scary times of their lives and hopefully make them as comfortable as I can when I see them. What are some things that the therapists done or could have done that made getting treatments a better experience for you? I try to get to know my patients and find out about their interests and remember them in the few minutes a day I get to spend with them getting them set up.