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Dear Rachelle, You play wheelchair rugby? You are awesome! I've always wanted to see that. I play sled hockey for the Spacecoast Hurricanes, we're hoping to get the hockey team from Raleigh to play us....if we end up in Raleigh, I would love to meet you.

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Hi Professor and 4you. Saw scott's video and now the AMA. I have CP a well- always wanted to be a soldier but can't for the obvious (and stupid reasons).

I'm currently a teacher but started playing adaptive sports a few years ago. I'd love to work with wounded veterans but it seems I need a degree in some sort of medical field to do that. Do you guys have any ideas. Math is my weak point, and there is a lot of math in sciences/medical stuff. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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They were trying to say, can you turn your immune system from auto(matic) like a transmission to stickshift/manual- immune system)

It was a really bad pun, which is the best kind. Started giggling when I through about explaining it.

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Are you currently at the Disabled Hockey festival going on in Buffalo, New York USA?

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My family hasnt been in the US as long as some others- I have friends who have had military members in their family dating to the Revolution. My family got here in the early 1900s but almost every member of my grandfather's generation on both sides of my family have served. I've had the privilege of meeting a cousin by marriage who received a Congressional Medal of Honor and then went to work for the VA after the war- he served in that capacity for 45 year.

I may not have officially sworn an oath to serve- but I consider any member of the military a brother/sister.