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How did you get into this field? What type of license or certification do you need? What about ongoing education?

I guess you probably need a strong stomach to clean up bits of brain off a wall. Have you ever had a job that made you squeamish at the time or perhaps afterward?

What do you like about your work?

Edit: do you mostly get your business from referrals from police?

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Do you think the documentary about the dirty political process might make you a bit of an outcast if you get elected. I mean you "have to go along to get along," and you're starting out as a whistle blower of sorts. I imagine there are councilmen who might be a bit shady who may not like your holier than thou approach.

When does the documentary come out?

What kind of experience do you have with politics, public office, city government or running a business/company?

What is your drug policy exactly?

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Do you have any permanent physical problems as a result of the multiple stabbings and gunshot wounds? Can you explain how the one in your head didn't do any serious harm?

Did you or do you now suffer from any PTSD?

That is one crazy story and several crazy dudes. Are they all locked up now?

How do you feel toward your attackers? How is your life different now? Do you have a closer bond with family and friends as a result? Do you have a different attitude about life in general? Are you careful about talking to women who have boyfriends?

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OMG, you are satan's daughter scarring little kids into thinking you have some freaky religious-type condition?!?!