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Sorry, I just had to ask, but, Mr. Snowden, during the interview with John Oliver, was that really a picture of his junk in that folder?

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How are DJs able to keep talking right up to the point that lyrics in the song start? Is it practice, a visual thing you can see, or just listening to it while talking? Or some other thing?

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What was the most surprising thing you learned from these kids?

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Hi Elijah! I loved you in Wilfred and am very happy to see you come back to a show that looks to be very funny but also makes you think. What sort of things do you yourself appreciate in a tv show? (I.e. music, writing, acting, etc.)

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I loved Jerry (Terry, Gerry) on Parks and Rec. We're there any jokes you made in the outtakes that you wished they used and what were they?