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What is currently the most challenging aspect of developing artificial intelligence? (i.e. What are the roadblocks to me getting a mechanical slave?)

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I strongly disagree. Yes it would be wonderful if everyone could become an expert in everything, but that is not attainable. Our current system of each individual specializing in a specific field is much more efficient. I would not want to have my heart surgeon spending time learning about networks in university when he could be concentrating on his field of choice (unless he has a personal interest in networking of course and reads up on it as a hobby).

What we really need is to trust real experts with these sorts of things. I don't know enough about IT to bring much to a debate on net neutrality, and neither does most of the general population. Politicians need to stop trying to dumb things down so the average Joe can understand it.

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How do I go about obtaining Liberland citizenship?

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It's not really about the dictatorship though. Human rights never stopped commerce. The USA has no qualms about trading with china which is just as repressive.

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Yeah, it's completely irrelevant. But silly thoughts enter my mind from time to time :-)