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Well, I'll ask the obvious.

What's the biggest? What's average?

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OneNote is supposed to keep track of everything, calendar, pictures, notes, and do so via a cloud (SkyDrive) environment.

With the recent revelations that Microsoft is actively participating in the NSA's various programs, why should we be giving even more information to Microsoft in an even easier to parse dataset?

I'm all for the convenience, and think something like this is the future, but if it's going to be used to build a case against me or someone else by someone else, it's note exactly going to be a net gain for productivity.

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Why is there still not a hotkey or context button to make selected characters superscript or subscript?

Every time I'm writing formulas I have to go through a whole rt click menu process to do what should be a simple button press or hotkey by now.

Ctrl+Shift+ [+/-] is super/subscript in MS word, and has been since at least 2003, why it still hasn't been ported into MS Excel is a fact that boggles my mind today

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Why not Cranston himself?

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It sounds like they didn't really. They just kinda put everyone on set and in costume and let the cameras roll because scripts are lame.