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Is this the first AMA to make it to the front page without the OP answering any questions?

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Thank you for doing this AMA - I loved the documentary on Halden Prison that you made recently.

My questions are

  1. How resource-intensive is Halden compared to say a prison in the US? From looking at the documentary it seems as if there is much less security required in Halden.

  2. How does Halden compare on a cost-per-inmate basis compared to the US?

  3. When will you have datasets available looking at the rates of recidivism for Halden inmates?

  4. What is the post-release supervision like in Norway? Do you have a ‘probation and parole’ equivalent, to help inmates re-integrate into society?

  5. You’ve mentioned the large % of inmates with mental health issues. Do you have a team of psychologists/psychiatrists to assist these inmates? What are the most common mental health issues you come across?

  6. What drugs are most prevalent in Norway?

  7. Does Norway have privately-run prisons such as in the US, or are they all state-run?

  8. Since your visit to prisons in the US, have any of them expressed an interest in trialling a Halden-type model?

Thank you!

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Best and worst parts of the job?