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I hope you're still answering questions. Thanks for your work on Dexter. Seasons 1-4 are my favorite ever seasons of TV.

Wikipedia says you joined Dexter mid-way through season 1. Is this correct? You wrote episode 2 'Crocodile', so I couldn't understand how that could be true. I thought you were writer and showrunner for the entire first season except for the pilot.

Did you enjoy working on Dexter? I assume it was exhausting, so is that why you left?

What work did you do as a 'consultant' on Dexter? How involved have you been with the show since you took that role? Did you only have this role for season 5, or do you still have that job?

Daniel Cerone was credited as the second-top writer on the show, after yourself, for seasons 1-3, but did he actually work on season 3 (the Prado season)? I ask because there were reports that he left the show after season 2, and he didn't write any episodes that season.

Does John Goldwyn still work on the show? He's still credited as Executive Producer along with Colleton, but since season 6 we haven't seen him do any interviews or Comic-Con panels, while Colleton still does.

Was Lundy ever actually suspicious of Dexter, or was that just Dexter/us being paranoid?

When you made the decision to kill Rita off, did you have future seasons in mind? Were you trying to envision storylines for future seasons, and believed that Dexter would be better off on his own again? Or, was killing Rita about making the best and most dramatic season 4 you possibly could?

While writing season 4, did you know that it would be your last season on the show? If not, did you have any vague plans for what would happen in season 5?

Thanks again for one of the best TV series ever.

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Do you like Game of Thrones?


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