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ninjesama2 karma

I'm a young person (26F) working at a non profit making about 26K/year.

I make too much for Medicaid in Oregon, but a similar silver plan to one I used to have is available at a MUCH higher price out of pocket after subsidies (then: $57, now: $90) .

I'm in relatively good health but have recently diagnosed dietary issues, mental health needs, etc.

I see a less expensive bronze plan ($30) covers most of those appointments with no copay but needs "prior approval".

I'm wondering if this less expensive plan will prohibit me from seeing the folks I need to (on top of higher deductibles) while paying the higher monthly rate PLUS copay would really put me in a bad place for "standard" fare but better in case of an emergency ($1800 vs $6700 deductible).

Any advice?