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Still have flashbacks of sniper alley in halo 2.

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Congratulations. The change is amazing. An inspiration.

I've been trying to lose weight and have cut out all fizzy drinks (my poison is coke) and eating only home cooked (and controlling portion sizes).

I've been able to pull my belt in one space, my reflux seems to have stopped after 2 years, I'm not as bloated and I've got more energy.

A question: Do you have any trouble with excess skin?

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What seemingly unrelated thing is influenced by your gut?

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That's actually a good point. Prior to losing weight, nobody's going to say "you're doing a great job keeping all that fat on" but to see someone making a real change in themselves is impressive. It shows resolve, dedication and commitment. Which are appealing traits in themselves, but now it's wrapped in a more attractive from.

We can see you body structure now which means our brains can more easily see what sort of genetics you have (golden ratio). I lost 40 odd pounds once and I took heart in the extra compliments I started to get.

They were probably not making a conscious decision but were responding to your change due to the influences our more primitive brain.

My two cents. Congratulations on the transformation.

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Lock up the ladyboys - the pope is in town.