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I'm imagining the made-of-money guy from the Geico commercials swooping out of the tornado and picking it all up.

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Ted, thanks for your work and for doing this AMA.

My wife and I were going to send a few balikbayan boxes to her family in the PI for the holidays, but with Haiyan's devastation, we were thinking of sending the boxes now. However, we're also concerned about the boxes reaching their intended recipients due to issues like the damage to infrastructure, looting, corruption, etc.

Will UNICEF or some other organization that you know of be helping with the distribution of these boxes? What's the best way people can help at this time?

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This was a great AMA. Thanks for posting an update!

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Do you remember where you where and what you were doing when the Tohoku earthquake hit?

What's the most surreal thing that has happened to you in Japan?

By the way, you'll love Okinawa whenever you have the chance to visit. My wife lived there when her dad was stationed there in the Marines, and she has many fond memories. I'd like to visit there with her someday.