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Yvette might still be around. She might be able to make this happen.

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I'm a grad student that uses it for Differential Equations and statistical mechanics. Super helpful when you're not in the mood to take an integral of an equation that goes across the page.

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What was the weirdest request a customer has ever made of you that you actually followed through with? For example, repaint the windshield or tinted headlights.

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Hey there! I'm looking to clean my carpeted mats for my car and I'm wondering what the best process is? They are manufacturer OEM so probably are synthetic fiber with a chemical treatment to resist stains.

I'm going to be cleaning the whole car in and out and wanted to make sure the upholstery is clean and fresh for the spring. The main contaminants are dog hair and mud (I have a corgi and he sheds another corgi every couple of weeks).

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I planted hostas a few weeks ago. Does that count?