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I worked at a CEC in one of the most dangerous cities in America for 3 years when I was in high school and college. We had an attempted drive-by shooting. I've seen people tasered. I've seen a woman smash another woman's head against a large glass door. I've seen a large woman tackle a cop. I wore the mouse outfit, I worked the door, I served tables, did birthday parties, subbed for game room, and worked in the kitchen.

Edit: Here's the best verification I could come up with while at work, if anyone doubted me.

Edit 2: Everyone keeps asking what city: Saginaw, MI.

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Yeah. We had two armed undercover detectives working our store all the time. One stood by kid check and one kind of roamed. They would point out to us who the known drug dealers and felons were as they entered the place. The police here told us we were the second-most visited business in the entire city. We called the cops a lot.

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Please marry me. I have nothing to offer, but I bought the Party Down DVDs.

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We poured coffee grains on ours. Worked the same, but smelled like coffee instead.

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They have kids. Lots of kids. Around here, CEC is like a social thing for urban people. They come, hang out for like 6 or 7 hours, make a goddamn mess and a whole lot of noise, then leave. And by urban I don't just mean black, I mean all sorts of trashy people, regardless of color.