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Communist party holds 43 out of 450 seats in Russian legislature. Less than 10%. Yes, half of russians like, admire or respect Stalin. Well, half of US voted for trump. It doesn't disprove my points.

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It's complete and utter bullshit. First, Communist Party of Russia has completely no power in Russia nowadays. Second, hundreds of thousands people in Russia hate Stalin, shit on him on the Internet in every possible way and face no repercussions. Third, modern Russian government sponsors and encourages movies which depict soviet people as idiots, and soviet period of russian history as bloody. Moreover, not a single major russian news agency wrote about this? Even the most liberal ones, like Meduza or Novaya Gazeta. Source - i live in Russia, never heard of this guy and his shitty game. I am not communist at all, just hate when such bullshit appears on reddit.

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It doesn't work like that in Russia. United Russia has voting majority, so they can pass or block any law without participation of any other party. So opposition is non existent in Russia.

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Enforce beliefs? You were talking that Stalin's image is protected by government in Russia. Government protects something by issuing laws prohibiting actions against, for example, Stalin's image. Be consistent, at least. And i am russian, currently live in Russia, thus i have much more knowledge than you on the topic. And i am not a tankie, i hate communists, hate USSR period in Russian history, but can't stand disinformation.

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Such a massive piece of bullshit. Do you even know about Munich Agreement? Hitler was buddies with England way before Molotov-Ribbentropp Pact. War was inevitable.